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Thank you for your support of the Pub2Pub Charity Fun Run & Festival. Your fundraising efforts will make a real difference to important causes close to our hearts.

Create your personalised supporter page in minutes through our fundraising partners, everydayhero. You'll need to enter details such as your chosen cause and fundraising target for this year's Pub2Pub event.

Your friends and family can easily make a donation to your page using the 'Give Now' button and leave a message of support for you at the same time!

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Who doesn’t enjoy spending time with their friends? No one! Which is why raising money for your favourite cause with them is so much more fun than going it alone!

  • Make some fun team t shirts! (Don’t forget to include your team page link). You can sell them to your friends and family for them to show their support with all money raised going to your Supporter Pages! (and even better, when they wear them they are also promoting your Supporter page to anyone who see’s them!)
  • Put up posters around your local area that displays your Team Page link.
  • Email the local press promoting your team page along with a photo of you guys having fun!
  • Get together as a team and hold a trivia evening or a bbq etc – invite your friends and family, show all of them your passion for your charity and the effort you are willing to put in to reach goal.
  • Set weekly or monthly goals for each member to spread your money raising message further and to keep the momentum going!

Goals for every team member could include:

  • Make a donation to your own Supporter Page, this not only shows your commitment to the cause but also moves you off the $0.
  • Email your team page link at least 30 of their friends, really use all of your networks!
  • Share your team page link on your Facebook wall
  • Tweet your team page link
  • Ask your employer to sponsor you, or see if there is a matched giving scheme.
  • Visit your friends who are not in the team to get them to donate there and then using their mobile phone! Asking face to face is a sure fire way to get that money raised!
  • Share photos of all the early morning training runs you have been doing to your supporter page! Let all your donors and potential donors see all the hard work your team are putting in to achieve your goal! (You can even share these updates to Facebook and Twitter as you post them to really spread the word.)
  • Set aside one day when your whole team are free and offer up your services in return for donations! Wash cars, mow lawns, garage clear outs, anything you can think of that you can do to help others – do it.
  • Get your supporters rallying you! Make sure all your friends and family are also sharing your supporter page far and wide. Asking them to pop it on their email signature and put up posters around their work or social club. A small effort from them can have a huge impact on donations.

Don’t forget to have fun, the reason you are raising money is for a great cause, the reason you are doing it with your friends is because you all share the same passion!

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